Tuesday, March 15, 2011


GHOSTPIZZA’s SXSW 2011 Showcase-
Be apart of history...

The event will run from 5PM-2AM. Open to the public and FREE.
Johnny Nelson (NYC) – http://johnnynelson57.com
Unstoppable Death Machines (NYC) – http://theunstoppabledeathmachines.net
Lil Friday (NYC) – http://twitter.com/lilfridaaayyy
Damaged Good$ (Dallas, TX) – http://damageisgood.com
Crizzly (San Antonio, TX) – http://soundcloud.com/crizzly
DJ Rashad (Chicago, IL) – http://www.planet.mu/artists/djrashad
LeDoom (San Antonio, TX) – http://soundcloud.com/ledoom
Vegas Banger (Las Vegas, NV) – http://soundcloud.com/vegasbanger
DJ Digg (Austin, TX) – http://www.tablemannerscrew.net
Milli Mars (San Antonio, TX) – http://soundcloud.com/milli-mars
S.A.I. (Dallas, TX) – http://riseofsai.bandcamp.com
Ricky Berger (Sacramento, CA) – http://www.myspace.com/rickyberger
Naked Pictures (TX/NYC)
Sonora (San Antonio, TX) – http://soundcloud.com/sonoraaa
DJ Yay Yay (San Antonio, TX) – http://soundcloud.com/ohpimp
Johnny Walker & Daecos (San Antonio, TX/Chicago, IL)


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