Thursday, March 10, 2011


Doing my monthly catch up on Hypebeast & I came across these bad boys I thought I'd share.

So Creeps...what does it mean to be an American man? It's not the fucking work wear trend shit you see everywhere, believe me. It's about tradition, and a sense of freedom, old fashioned rugged hands on work. The crude unpolished nature that created a sense of realism.

America is pretty much all I know, and I've been around the fucking world. It's what I grew up on. But there was def something else about being born here that I really liked (other than the white chicks of course). I think perhaps it's our young history, and in only 200 years we've managed to become who we are. Minus the fucked up shit we do to other countries, we kinda formed something unique on our own though don't you think? It's pretty fucking epic.

These days, I can't lie half the time I can't relate to shit kids 10 years younger than me are into. I guess it explains why Chip & I set up this brand in the first place. Where did all the fun go? Why is everyone about everything and NOTHING? No passion, no struggle. And the irony of it all is how technology has left us to be fucking worthless geniuses!

I'm quite reminiscent of the shit back in the day, not that I didn't love the present or the excitement of the future, but how much I REALLY loved the pureness of the past. It was rough, and unpredictable, and wasn't inspired by anything other than itself.

But really what can you do? Let's just really hope you teach your kids how to use a fucking screwdriver. C'MON SON!

Okay, now back to ripping off old horror posters! ;)


C.Earhart said...
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C.Earhart said...

All hope is lost! When the time comes I know I'll survive thats all that matters. Learn to use a torch and you can do anything.