Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, to say it was a wild weekend would be an understatement, but one thing it definitely didn't fail to be was fucking fun! I won't go into details on the debauchery that went down, just know it was a fucking long ass night! Hilarious moments hanging out with the Ninjasonik family & seeing the good folk at Bad Rabbits killin it Saturday night at the Middle East. Good to see old friends, and make new ones! Sorry Midtown Hotel, it was all Telli's fault! Shouts to Texas for her rad documentation of flicks below (see the rest on her site here):

Jah Jah rollin through with the Horror!

I'm glad to be able to call cats in both groups homies of mine. They've already killed in in 2010, and will only continue to takeover the music scene this year as well. Nothing like rad peeps making rad shit! And you can guarantee Creep Street will be where all the true action is! Fuck. Yea.

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