Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'd like to introduce ya'll to one of the young guns that have been reppin' the Creepy Steezy for a real hot minute! This lad goes by the name of Jan Gatewood and hails Colorado as his home. Jan keeps on getting better and thrashin' harder, so I felt it only proper to shed some light on his radness and the constant need to Skeet & Destroy! It always makes me happy to see some rad youth committed to the cause! Just tell ya boy to clean his damn lens when recording LOL.

They call me Titty.
I get money by asking people and working part time.
I rock Creep Street of course!
I eat chicken, pizza and veggies.
I can do whatever I want.
I will keep skating.
I love skateboarding, playing music with the band (flaming shit), and the beautiful ladies!
I hate rave kids, juggalos, and buster ass niggas.
I take whatever I can get.

Keep Pushin'!

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