Thursday, January 06, 2011


So I'm just about done packing for my trip to Austin. I've only been to San Antonio – but I hear nothing but rad shit about Austin. Fuck I love Texas. Then again I am also a secret redneck underneath it all anyway.

But luckily my first stop is Houston to do this shit (no one believes my homie works at NASA) so imma bout to show you busters up!

Need to cop one of those jumpers, stat.

Never been to Houston either, but if it's anything like a Paul Wall video, I'm fucking down. Still remember those days I almost got custom grills done too. It's never too late I guess?!

But the main event is really the 9th Annual Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival.

Though I'll be gettin some rad new work by Steve Byrne at Rock of Ages instead, it'll be pretty rad to walk the first day to see some real nice Traditional cats, as well as link up with some of my homies that'll be in the city as well. Fuck Yes! Let's cross our fingers Southwest doesn't fuck me in the ass like American Airlines did me with Miami. Still bitter...

Tits, Tats, and BBQ on fucking Spaceships?! Sounds like a win to me! Other than that, just wrapping up the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, shipping out the LONG OVERDUE hats to hit stores next week, and umm, yea, hoping you enjoy the rest of your shitty day! Palabra bitches.

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