Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I want to personally introduce you all to someone really special today...

Now some of you may know who this person is, and some of you, again, those probably a bit sheltered, might not. But consider this a another coming of age experience, just like every WTF Wednesdays post! She's had the internet going nuts for quite some time now, and pretty much now has the world in awe. She's into tattoos, horror flicks, n00dz, and even some Korean dramas thrown in the mix. In another words, pure Wifey material.

So without further ado...I proudly introduce the newest addition to our Filthy Few Family: the Ultimately Super Sexy Zombie Loving itotallyhaveacrushonyoubutwon'ttellyou becauseitwouldbetooexpectedfromtheownerofcreepstreet


1. They call me Gogo.
2. I get money by being naked on the internet. And a ninja assassin.
3. I rock pretty damn hard.
4. I eat brains.
5. I can surf wormholes of chaos like nobody's business. And marathon thru anything sci fi for weeks straight with no brakes.
6. I will eat your brains and gain your knowledge.
7. I love horror, sci-fi, filth, gore, good music, puppies, and cookies & milk. Preferably all at the same time.
8. I hate animal abusers.
9. I take no shit from no one ever! Mess with me punk!
10. Creep Street is 100% rad magic badass awesomeness.


So how Gogo and I got in touch was actually pretty amazing and quite divine in itself. But to keep a long story short, we'll basically put it this way: I came across her site zombiecupcakes.wordpress.com a while back & found out she had also reviewed the movie Human Centipede (made mine look like a total joke pretty much, not that it wasn't meant to be lol...err) and would later discover that also underneath this super fucking rad movie reviewer, was this insanely gorgeous tattooed lady THAT – I do not lie when I say this, I have SOMEHOW magically downloaded a pic of onto my desktop only a few months prior (my what a embarASSing admit). And with that...she pretty much had me at zombies and brains. So what can I say?! It was Creep at first sight, and I can't really express how happy I am to have her share her already established ghoulish behavior with you fellow creeps & creepettes!

So let's give her a warm (and sticky) welcome this so-called blog, and get psyched as she will be sharing movie reviews, creepy findings, and hopefully some sexy shots in the mix! Don't forget to add her on facebook.com/gogoblackwater and stalk her on twitter.com/zombiegogo.

Oh yea, and she has fantastic bewbZ.

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