Monday, November 15, 2010


She would probably be one of the coolest and most annoying moms EVER. Probably cuz you'd be as uncomfortable with her in public as everyone's faces looked watching. HAHAHAHA! Many of you probably know who she is, and have seen her pretty much do the same thing on most tv shows (Steve Harvey probably had the funniest facial expression). But it seems that she has brushed up her performing skills...and has decided to go to Europe! This time in front of a bunch of awkward German girls, and blushing boys. Besides, the fact that they're blasting Taio Cruz' Dynamite fucking cracks me up.

Haha the blonde judge chick is so hot... and so disturbed, it's what I call hot & bothered! GET IT?! HAR HAR! Wait, Boris what about showing us some titties today?!!! Oh fine...

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