Wednesday, November 10, 2010


by Romekisms of Fadedstreets

Today's real Thrashin' Thursdays post is for my homie Kevin Coakley. Most of you fuckers should know who he is - not cuz he's a dope fucking skater and sponsored by Blueprint, Orchard, Elwood, Lakai, & Broadcast Wheels (LOL) but because of 5 main things:

5. He made Boston a radder fucking city.
4. Works hard for the fucking money.
3. Skates better than YOU.
2. The nicest dude you will ever meet.
1. My man crush, you see how good-looking this motherfucker is?!

by Romekisms of Fadedstreets

1. They call me: Coaks
2. I get money by: Hustlin'
3. I rock: ill jams
4. I eat: whatevs
5. I can: feel the fire
6. I will: skate
7. I love: Boston
8. I hate: no one
9. I take: Yo money
10. Creep Street is: when your street is full of creeps!

Coaks decided to move out West to the sunny side to enjoy a change of pace for a little while. So LA show some love! Even though we're gonna miss you, we know you're gonna keep spreading that charm on the other side. See you soon! We love you!



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^FUCK YEA there it is!