Thursday, January 07, 2010


This was the one thing I was falsely promised as a child to persuade me into doing dumb things like listening in school and not drawing allover my face with magic markers (true story btw)...

But now, it seems this long lost charm will be within my grasp once again!!

Well not really, but close enough!

I haven't been this excited since your sister somersaulted into a bed of hot chili fries and ate em back in '94! Too fucking bad I can't make it... :(

but maybe YOU CAN! Fuck it, I'm moving to L.A.!

Even Dolph Lundgren will be there LOL Do you remember that motherfucker?! He's getting his own Creep Street pin made btw...

That's right bitches ANOTHER workout video?! This blog is really going to shit! Fuck man, how fucking rad is the song playing though really?!

More details can be found:

Epic shit, be sure to peep it!

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DICK said...

ha ha i had that damn castle and all the heman figurines crazy