Friday, January 22, 2010


No no no you asshole! Though that was a pretty fuckin epic movie. Mutherfucking governator...

Sometimes hearing and reading all that Leno vs. Conan commentary is fucking as annoying as a political smear leaves most of you fuckers look like a bunch of winer's trying to prove that your sense of humor is better than the other person's. Just re-reading that sentence makes me fucking say: Hey asshole! How many fucking shows are on television?! How many of you can come up with funny material?! Why does Carson Daly even have his own show?! Ya'll should be mad about that LOL!

So watch what you like and shut the fuck up. Conan got the Late Night show for a reason, and was taken off for a reason that none of us assholes will ever know. I'd revaluate my career for $45 million any fucking day, hell that's like 20 lifetime careers for me! You know how many fucking t-shirts tha is?! Hhahahahahhaaa

Yea I think Conan kicks ass and yea Leno cracks me the fuck up too so enjoy your fucking life and just laugh. Period. You're starting to sound like your parent's for fucks sake. OH SHNAP! Life is short baby, though I must say it's quite impressive how much America is more moved by a late night tv show switch than a few thousand black people buried in Hispanola... DOUBLE OH SHNAP!

Conan, we hope to see you soon one day back with some epic shit!
The Creeps will miss you and your crazy hair.

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