Wednesday, December 09, 2009

You Put That Where?

I was thinkin about all the sick ass shit I've seen, heard, or done in years past... And I remembered; when I was dating my ex I'd send him nasty ass e-mails. You know the ones where you talk dirty to em'. Instead of talking dirty to him I'd send him the weird shit I'd find on the interwebs or in books. Hence the picture. Even IF that shit's fake, c'mon we all thought for a split second how a bottle up the ass would feel.


CREEP STREET™ said... it Rosé?!

Reggie said...

the ex is a dude? i didn't know a girl was editing this blog too?


didn't mean to disappoint you homie, but we love girls here.

Mr.Torres said...

hmmm.. Whats going on here???