Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I watched E.T. this past weekend, and it's mad fucking funny the shit you miss out on when your a kid. Mind you I haven't watched, nor had the desired to watch the movie in 20 years. It was on HBO randomly - and I'm like yo wtf, divine intervention son watch this shit! I got that shit on VHS too what what?!! Too fucking bad if your generation doesn't know what the fuck a videotape is! Dumb ass 90's fucking culture lol ;)

There's so many funny ass parts to this flick, especially the part where ET was getting fucking wasted in the kitchen and apparently the kid was too while he was in class (I did not know this back then) and the amount of times douchebag was used in the movie (man kids movies suck these days). You'll also cleverly notice the stunt doubles in the bike police car chase, muthafuckers poppin wheelies and shit!

Safe to say, this movie was and still is fucking rad even for todays standards, so when we still sweat the 80's and shit, it's because there has yet to be a motherfucker that can create something awesome out of scratch these days - SO APPRECIATE. Fuck cgi, with the amount of money they spend on that shit, they could be actually creating real costumes and props! And do you guys notice how rad that fucking dinner table is?! Triangle shaped with a booth?! SHIT.

Michael Jackson even knew what was up! God rest his glitter socks.

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