Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well first things first...THE CREEPS ARE GOING SOUTH!!

A Creep Street Esteemed Forever Filthy Wedding is taking place: my favorite couple Christopher Earhart & Jacqueline Munoz are getting fucking married!!

And Now...

(Designed by the Creeper himself!)

So off to Texas I go! I've never been to Tejas so this should be a good one. Fuck I owe ya'll lke a bajillion pictures and promised posts by this point. Oh just wait till I redesign the site & blog will ya?1 The Bachelor Party jumps off as soon as we land?! Shit...



Ummm...Remember this epic movie?

Well....almost 30 fuckin years later...

FUCK. YES. Who knows it might suck. See you bitches in a week. Shout out to my Texas Hotties Sarah Watson • Sara Eudy & Krysten Lea

Filthy Epic Behavior for life. I miss you Chip. xo.

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