Friday, November 27, 2009


Hope everyone had some good old family fun, lucky you see your molester uncle only once a year right?! How many of you assholes rushed to Wal-mart to cop 50 dvds you didnt want?! Or maybe you're just bummed you didn't get to stomp some poor kid out?! Either way we here at Creep Street are thankful for you and hope you enjoy the remainder of this holiday!

Nevertheless, once I get my shit together, which will probably be the 4th of never, I will let you know that Holiday Creep Street has arrived! Will spam you when it's official, as it has already hit a select few new* shops already ahem Monument, Ahem Tokyo Hardcore, ahem Karmaloop, ahem your moms house!

I had a big ass feast here, I did it the American way this time, and would like to share my leftovers. Be good creeps!

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