Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chipset: the game of life

man.. all these new video games that come out these days are so crazy.. I mean who would have thought that in just a few decades time that what once started as pong & pac man is now a billion dollar industry that peddles sex, drugs & violence to the children of the world.

What game developers have gained in graphics & gameplay - they seriously lack creativity &originality. Think about it.. there are maybe 8 or 9 styles of video games out there today & thousands of clones.. many grand theft auto knockoffs can they pump out each year?

As a kid growing up I was completely taken in by video games, but sadly this was an era that has since changed from what it once was. Granted, the graphics & gameplay don't hold a candle to todays standards, but each game was different & relied on being unique to grab the attention of the kids (no grown ass man was playing that shit back then). Since the graphics were little more than single colored geometric shapes, game developers relied heavily on box illustration, an art that's nearly all but extinct in todays games.

Here's a collection of Commodore 64 games you WISH you had played, enjoy.

I mean really.. how fucking EPIC does this shit look.. A fucking game based on George Orwell's classic 1984. Sign me up!!!

Alchemy: a part of the Occult Tradition, is both a philosophy and a practice with an aim of achieving ultimate wisdom as well as immortality. what kid doesn't want to play that?! Sick cover nevertheless

How bad do you want to play this shit!!!

Intergalactic shenanigans titled after a Beatles song.. lay off the doobies nerds!

Simply badass. No description necessary.

aYo, ya mom is...

One of the few games out there that doesn't require a computer to play with..

on that miami vice tip, but I ain't mad at cha.

It's like Thriller, but cooler!

who the fuck's going to a circus if it's on some huge stalagmite somewhere in the galaxy.. Way to blow it for everybody.


Man, that CJ the elephant's so cool. Runnin around stabbing dudes in the ass

haha.. CODENAME: MAT.. really? okay... that kid looks just like Luke Skywalker.. but what's with the pervy lookin old dude? Is he part of the covert mission too, or does he just like to watch?

Before Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Battle Toads, there was...

HAHA okay..

Conan O'Brian?


Funny title.. I dunno, I'm just feelin' the fuck out of this cover.. dude's just chillin n shit.

I really like the open-ended-ness that the title implies

So am I...

haha, weird

Total badassness

Grizzly as fuck! aka Billy Mays goes bezzerk

How pissed is he?! What's up with the dude exploding?? So many questions.. worth looking at the back cover for sure!

Lords of time: drawn by your little brother.

This was the first realistic game to ever come out

Nothing like a tall thick glass of whole milk to quench your thrust after a grueling bicycle race..

A game about choking your chicken, woo hoo!

You can't make this shit up, so rad!


Checkout the vintage Gonz board!

haha You know it's got "street cred" just check out that fucking scumbag in the back! Just incase you didn't get the idea they even tagged SCUM on the wall.

The most badass shit ever!


Phew.. well that was long, but worth checking out. Until next time internet...


Munster said...

I love that the BMX Ninja game also has a dude skateboarding. I hope whoever actually designed it didn't know the difference and just put on both to be safe.

CREEP STREET™ said... missed the most important one chip....

that stupid truck driving game where you had to deliver packages, and give him proper rest or he'll die from...SLEEP DEPRIVATION! haha let's see kids hop on that shit today!

Reggie said...

u cant hate on this era. the game is changing nigga and u gotta be down wit it. obviously game developers, nowadays, dont need modern art covers for the game cases to attract bitches to buy the game n shyt, when they can just show gameplay video in trailers. and yea lotta games do feature sex, drugs and kids? nah not really. thats a whole different battle. but cmon...kingdom hearts? RESIDENT EVIL 4?

yea theres alotta grand theft autos, but u actually gotta play these games to realize the greatness behind it; to fukin take almost all of new york city, and put it on a disc, and bring it to life, and then being able to do nething u want! like fucking a hooker then shooting the bitch cuz u dont have money to waste.

with exception to that last line, my point is its one of the first games where u actually feel like u can choose what you want to do.

kingdom hearts took final fantasy and a bunch of em disney movies mixed it all into a classic game.

fuck it, call of duty 4 is crack. fuk that bmx bullshyt son.

central theme here: appreciate the new school! vgs can only get better...


FOUNDATION NIGGA!! watchu know about oregon trail?! You try dying of dysentry!!

Chip-Set said...

yo Reggie,

man, i don't have time to play these new video games.. fuck do i can if i can do whatever i want in the game.. shit i can do whatever I want in the real world. Don't you see what i'm sayin' about everyone doing the same shit - you even broke it down yourself. I'll fucks with the Oregon trail, cause it's fun to hunt & the whole game prolly takes 30 minutes, TOPS. I don't have 40+ hours to waste my life playing a game.

Reggie said...

Oregon trail was dope gotta admit.