Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Okay, so before I begin this post, I'd like to say how excited I am about it. First of all, I am more fascinated by how many of you barely know what the fuck a tapeworm is! Girls – What the fuck did you do in high school other than look at your makeup case mirror?! And boys – what the fuck did you do in high school other than stare at the girls when they were looking in their makeup mirrors?!

Pay attention bitches!

SO I've been eating a lot of meat lately, but with large consumptions or carnivorous matter, one must always be careful! First of all, duck is awesome. Eating any kind of meat off the bones is even radder. Fuck all you pussies that have trouble eating fresh chicken still on the bones with the bone marrow still bleeding! Haha that is the real fucking shit! But seriously, just make sure you cook your white meat (hehehe) throughly - that's right pork and chicken, just cuz you don't want that salmonella, and cuz you don't wanna look like you ate your girl on her period. Aside from that, eat you red meats with discretion and umm if you eat a shitload and still look like you're 20 pounds...you probably have one of these:


Okay, first of all - it will NOT go away on its own, it will only get worse. That's right fuckin way past Creep Street 'oh that shit is awesome sick' worse! It's not even cool. That shit latches its mouth of little teeth to your intestines and start sucking your nutrients and pretty much you life away.

OH WAIT - it get's even WORSeRr. That shit can grown up to 100 feet! HahahaHAhahh!! Then if you let it hatch eggs...you're fuckED~~!! CUz then you're either shitting worms, are becoming their new home. There's a cure though. It's called hanging yourself. SO YOU STILL DON'T BELIEVE ME?!

Science bitches call this muthafucka CESTODA.


And that's it for today folks. No need to become Vegetarian though - your farts are silent, your'e always lazy, and you pretty much annoy everyone around you. And all your excuses for being one are shitty, and your exceptions to the rule are even worse.

Bon apetit! hehe
(i said tit...hehehehe)


double ack.


Anonymous said...

What I don't get is our stomachs have acids, that if put on, say a wood surface, would burn right through that shit.
So what the fuck?
Why can't it fucking kill a tapeworm?


I'm glad you raised that question. Those acids can kill the majority or bacteria and foreign organisms on contact, but here's why:

Most intestinal parasites have evolved outer coverings that can withstand stomach acids. That includes their eggs, which ultimately hatch, then embed themselves along your intestinal linings, waiting to fuck your life up like kevin did britney. except there's no million dollars.

Reggie said...

so the goal of posing this was to what gross me out? inform me?
....did u get sick or something is that why ur posing that?

amazing video tho. that shyt "flows" along intestine walls.



people have a tendency to get grossed out only once they've been informed. like the time you found out who your girlfriend slept with before you. OH THE IRONY.

omson mcfly said...
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omson mcfly said...

dude!!!! even though i already knew what it was..... my bio class JUSS went over a section on tapeworms on monday.... good timing.. that shit is gross...

LaBellaVida said...

WELL. Thank you for that information.

Mr.Torres said...

Thanks for the nightmares


i heard they will poke out ur ass at dawn. sweet dreams! you can also squat over a tub of milk to attract them. LMFAO. true story.