Thursday, November 27, 2008


How much did you eat so far you fat lard?! Well, if you are probably wondering what chinky people do on Thanksgiving...I hate to burst your bubble, but we do exactly what white people do. Waste food!

Haha, my family tried to twist it up this year, and get an 'asian style turkey'. WTF is that you ask? Well it ain't turducken, and it ain't chicken, or duck for that matter. It's kinda like - a gangsta turkey, all dark and crispy. Alright. It's Peking Turkey. That's what Imma call it!

TADA! Convince your parents next year that if they want to be rad, to eat Asian Turkey! Even though there are no turkey's in Asia, nor do I really wanna know who came up with the fucking idea.

But anyways, on behalf of Creep Street, Happy Motherfuckin Thanksgiving!! Be thankful you still have your house, that your annoying cousins are still annoying, and the fact that there are millions of other people that would love to be you! So cheer up bitches, and stay warm this holiday, cuz if I get sick because of your hoochie no clothing wearing ass....... imma serve you this next year!!

Have fun fighting all the shitty people for all the the shit that no one wanted tomorrow! Just save your money, cause USA DECAY DROPS NEXT WEEK!!


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