Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GOoOOOBammMaAA Yo MomMMAaAa!!!

So I um promised everyone a blowjob (no homo) if Obama won.

I guess it's time to unzip those flies!!! This be some beautiful fucking thing. Black folk, please refrain from celebrating buckwild the way white people think you'll be celebrating because that's what they want!!!


I'm just kidding fucking wild the fuck out!! This is some historic shit, remember that nerdy black kid you made fun of in high school cause he liked anime, hung out with white and asian kids, knew a lot more about hip hop than jordan-fitted cap boy, didn't like black girls, and never wore a doo-rag in his entire life?!

Well guess what?! Now you suck HIS dick!!! hahaha this is greatness!


But on a serious note* congratulations America, you all deserved your free Starbucks, donuts, and scoops of ice cream for doing something that you should have been doing since you turned 18. Fuck racism, support the real! It's rare to be a happy American these days, but this feels like the muthafuckin new year bitches!!


Anyways, I'm just going to dedicate this post to Mr. Barack Obama (like all you million other bloggers) because he deserves it, and so do you. Now go buy some Creep Street shit cuz the economy is about to go back UP!!

<3B-ron the don.

Do midget hookers charge half price?
No. They charge double!!

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