Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wait, everyone already bought stuff at American Apparel?! 90's aerobic instructor? Wait you mean there's a difference between a 80's one? What?! Aerobics wasn't invented in the 70's? Hipsters die...

You mean you were a hooker angel and your bff was a hooker devil last year?! And black friend ...lemme guess wore something furry, purple, had a top hat and a cane?!

nono...you got beat up for cross dressing in the hood at 3am?!

Sheeit, tough times these are. Kids can't even go trick-or treating without getting shot the fuck up these days. But no need to worry, with these insanely bad or rad costumes, you'll either get shot before you get to the party (people will think it's fake blood no worries) or shot after (people will still think it's fake blood no worries). But at least you'll have fun. Creep Street proudly presents....


Usually to be somewhat politically incorrect (which we support all the way) or somewhat offensive, assuming a private part is always an easy answer-

Being a vagina is awesome. It's pretty much a given that EVERYONE will try to take a photo or try some uncreative group bullshit pic with you. Nevertheless both guys and girl will be rubbing you all night. Needless to say, this costume will NOT get you laid.

BUT CHECKIT - if you're too pussy! haha no pun intended, bring your best friend along!

BUT IF YOU REALLY WANNA STEP IT UP, Go for something process oriented, like the miracle of life itself! Unfortunately, this WILL get you laid. Only think is you might end up in some dumpster on Creep Street the next morning. Your baby will be fine.

ALRIGHT, you're too lazy and broke and just wanna be recognizable and call it a night. I got chu covered homey! You can make your own shitty costume and still have a great time! This is one of those times when you probably WILL get jumped on your way home.

OKOKOK, you really wanna fuck some people up right? You really wanna be a prick? Well, just make sure you're either the one throwing the party or you're prepared to fist fight mad peeps. If this is you're cup of tea, bring that candy corn cuz shit is gonna be flying!!

The younger you are usually the less trouble you'll get into with costumes like that. Or if you're Jewish. But Jews already have enough problems to face in life anyway...like rent control (oh tasteless...bite me! haha). But this is what Creep Street proudly condones as a happy medium to having a good time and still be able to reinvent 3 different costumes for all your parties this week, cuz NO ONE likes someone who wears the same shit twice in one week. NO, not even you you dirty fuck.


JUST TRY SUMTHIN TYPICAL...and add a twist. Irony always wins.

but don't get me wrong. If any of you live in a college city like I do, it's a free pass for all chicks to look like sluts, and chances are they will be drunk as fuck. So if you're keen enough, just wear the same costume as their boyfriend, and when he's pissing, take her home and have her play another role in her costume.

It's dark, she'll never know.

Or just buy a buncha Creep Street shit and be the fuckin man of the party. YOU WILL GET LAID. HAPPY HALLOWEEN BITCHASSES. STAY POSTED FOR PARTY PICS! Shouts to my boy Ricky at bsrkr.blogspt.com!!

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