Wednesday, October 01, 2008



"Macrodactylics are people (most commonly males) afflicted with a condition called macrodactyly, which, in __LongTerm__ terms, means __LongTerm__ state of having abnormally large __LongTerm__ In most cases, only one finger is __LongTerm__ the index finger. Surgical treatment is complex and sometimes, amputation is the only solution.

Several theories exist about the cause of macrodactyly. Some believe that the condition is due to an abnormal nerve supply to the affected digit while others blame an abnormality in the blood vessels and blood supply in the area. Although neither theory has been proven, evidence suggests that nerves have some control over the growth of tissue.

Although it occurs at birth, macrodactyly is not an inherited condition. It can occur in association with neurofibromatosis and vascular malformations. Children with multiple echondromatosis, Maffuci syndrome and tuberous sclerosis can have enlarged fingers, as well. "

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