Wednesday, September 24, 2008


that's what she said!

Life in prison for Ohio mom in microwave-baby case

By JAMES HANNAH – Sep 8, 2008

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — A woman was sentenced Monday to life in prison without the chance for parole for burning her baby daughter to death in a microwave after fighting with her boyfriend. Common Pleas Judge Mary Wiseman lashed out at 28-year-old China Arnold, who opted to watch her sentencing from a side room on a monitor.
"No adjectives exist to adequately describe this heinous atrocity," Wiseman said. "This act is shocking and utterly abhorrent for a civilized society."
The judge rejected a plea by Arnold's attorneys for a minimum sentence of life in prison with the chance of parole after 25 years. A jury last week spared Arnold the death penalty when it couldn't reach a consensus.
"I am innocent of these charges," Arnold said in a statement read by her attorney, Jon Paul Rion.
Arnold was convicted Aug. 29 of aggravated murder in the death of month-old Paris Talley in 2005. Prosecutors said she intentionally put her baby in the microwave after a fight with her boyfriend. The couple had argued over whether the boyfriend was the biological father.

NOW THAT YOU ROAASTED IT HOW YOU GONNA EVER KNOW?!! Fucking genius. People never cease to amaze me hahahah.

And as for todays product of the day: St. Tropez Leisure ...can all chciks wear this in their leisure?!...thanks!

Sometimes I have to ask: "WHat is the point", then I realized this stuff is actually made for men, and the point is to give me a fuckin boner.


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