Friday, June 01, 2007

Chip-Set: Tony for Mayor.

Damn, checkout Ghostface's latest bling yo! for those who thought he killed it with that huge eagle bracelet, think again!

You are not mistaken, depected in his latest treasure is none-other than Ghost himself playing the roll as Atlas carrying the globe on his back. He just took it to another level folks. Get off that Laffy Taffy cany cane rap, Mr Starks is here to lead us to the promise land.

some known Ghostface alias via wikipedia:

* Ghost
* Ghost Deini
* Ironman
* Pretty Toney
* Tony Stark/Toney Starks
* Wally Champ
* Starkey Love
* Brother Starks
* Evan Abell
* Talk Of New York Tony
* P.Tone
* Tone B.
* Gee-F
* Theodore Deini
* Monster Don
* Mr. Dolidickit
* Captain America
* Tonetana*
* Brotha Starks
* Robe God
* Clyde Smith
* Ghost With The Most
* Dennis Coles
* Phat Ghost
* Ghost Writer
* Whizface Killa
* Clark Kent
* Toney Knight Rider
* Dennis the Menace
* The Undertaker
* Scott Kitner
* Starsky
* Goody Clart
* Donny Rought
* Stank Booty

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