Thursday, March 08, 2007


Aiight after that gut wrenching top 10 grossest shit video that will forver haunt my life forever, I only found it proper to pass it along to my coworkers here. Sharing is caring right? Well while I'm still sinfully obsessed with disgusting shit, the little botfly perhaps fascinated me the most. So cheers to Mr. Botfly, who actually got pretty rad colors should it survive the maggot incubation period...

And when critters attack critters~~~!!

WTF!!! HAHAhahAAhAH! Wholy shit my knees are getting weak. FUCKKKKK!!! HAHAHHAHAHA. ok ahem.

So I have a few announcements to make.

1. Creep Street's Myspace is up! But check it, it's only Beta so in the next few weeks, we're gonna shape that fucker up. Apparently there's some weird girl band that's jockin the Creep Street steez, but hey we come correct, so let's show the world what's really up!

2. Puma's SemiAnnual Design Camp will be in Nurnberg, Germany this time around. I mean other than camera lenses, cars, and beer, there are few things they can do right... But one thing I'm absolutely stoked about is the Kinder egg. I don't know how many of you know about this shit, but it's like the Cadbury minus the cum-filling. But it's hollow and has a little toy you can put together! woohoOo!! So apparently it's supposed to be hilarious. I just found it mildly amusing...

And if you thought American Idol was pretty gay...You obviously haven't seen the symptons of Deep German House music...Cuz he's creepin it real hard! creep it real hard...creep it creep it real haRrdd!!

I mean, it could be worse, like when any culture other than black folk get "into" Hip Hop. I'm sorry - I mean we should all know the lyrics to Biggie & NAS but this just puts a tag on your head that says "I'm a fucking loser"! RESPEKT!

Alright all in good humor of course. We don't need another World War...

KABOOM!! So stop fucking around kids, or Imma send my boy Uberblatt after you!

PEaceEee. Heep Hohp von Deutschland Forevah UGH!

OH YEA. $20 goes to the asshole that can guess where this body part is:

HAHAHA! danke.

Now creep it out! southside and creep it out! northside...
-Borish the Dishalicious Dish.

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