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Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Fuck, another day another's Monday again? Well, I certainly hope you all have had a splendid weekend. And if you didn't, well then Monday's should be awesome for you. After a few fart posts here and there I thought I'd actually sit down for a few and shoot the shit with ya'll for a bit. Yea? You like that you dirty whore?!

So hmm what's been up with Creep Street? Well, I'm still fucking in itis land after breaking my neck for the iheartboris launch, but now I'm back and better than ever! Here are some notable flix for how I celebrated!

And on that note, since Chip was so slackin on his Magic post which will by now be 1 month old now, I decided I'd creep it out for him that little dead beat fucker! Someone please yell at him?!

But you know what, Chip-set get's a get out of jail for free pass this time because
A) He has the creepiest fucking lurking eyes on Big Boi in the photo above...
B) That's his allover hoody them cat's is rockin...
C) Cuz he also just nailed that interview with all you poser-ass hypebeasters' favorite shoe company like I nailed your grandmother...'s daughter. HAH! I'll give you a hint, it starts with a N. No, not New Balance you stupid fuck.
D) He posted a potentially epic video of him skating that he refuses to acknowledge won't work. That fat fuck.
E) We ironically have the same hair while being 500 fuckin miles apart. aww how cute! But I'm cutting it in 2 weeks so no homo.

So congrats to him! CLAP CLAP CLAP like the STD! BUt WAIT! This chinky-nigga Boris is lined up for something epic in 2 weeks. I'll give you a hint. It's OUTSIDE the U.S., and it has a buch of stores in the U.S. where all you hot little fashionista girls love to shop without dropping a bomb on yo fake dior wallets. No?! Still can't guess? It's starts with a H...good luck dipshit!

But never take life for granted cause I'm really loving and kicking ass for Puma right now yah know. Man so many options in life you just have to be smart and cherish every moment! Peep the candy clydes to drop, and yes, the sky II hi's that all you fuckers are sweating me for. Let a playa play dayam!

And speaking of options in life, how about options in death?! Check out Eternal Reef, where they put ur stank carcass in a psuedo reef and drop it 1000 feet in the ocean so it can become fish food and help the ecosystem!

And if that doesn't suit your taste, go to LifeGem where they'll turn your carbon ashes into a fuckin diamond. Now don't get that stolen, cuz that's yo dayam great grandmother that nigga is fingering son!

And if that's wack too, you can always nitrogen freeze that ass in Sweden and turn you granddaddy into arctic dust! But beware for:

Okay, now to switch the flow a bit. My homey Jason Lee from Transworld Skate says waddup with a legendary skater (not that Jason Lee asshole):

"So when's Creep Street gonna launch Boris?" Well, Chip-set and I already got a whole shit load of tee's designed, some buttons in the works as well as a limited edition promo item I will not mention at this moment, but I'm aiming for a web launch in late April 2007? I hope? Nah chill son, you know hot shit is always worth waiting for, not like these other cats that are fartin shit out their ass just to make a name...ahem* We are legit bitch! Okay, well not really but we work hard and want you to look rad okay? xoxo! As Eternal Reef like's to say:

YAWN. Okay bedtime boys and girls...time to shit shower and shave. We all have a full day of work ahead of us, and some new prospects to look forward to. Just remember, all it takes is a little bit of:

And guess where I'm eating tomorrow?! Be very jealous bitches! Thanks Kiji for the flick.

And that's all for today folk's. The things I do for that dayam paycheck. But don't you let anyone ever put you down boys and girls. Because Hater's will always ask you "WHY?!" while true hustler always know the real question to ask is "WHY NOT?!" So if anyone hasn't yet told you, Boris thinks that:

Your Pen Pal,
B-Rad the Dad
(can I get a soul clap?!)

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