Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Things is lookin' Heavenly in 2007 G.

damn son, I'm not a very good photographer.. and YEAH, it's THAT nice here... welcome to wintertime bitches!
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but...they look like sneakers?..
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So I've been wanting to get a shitty decal for my car ever since I started driving again.. I couldn't think of anything more fitting than the hottest meathead/white trash collab you've ever seen. Custom for ya boy right here Calvin Pissing X Bad Boy Club jump off. Try to spot a creep on 4 wheels!
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Now for the hot shit! If you didn't catch that new VH1 reality show with all the white rappers you're seriously sleepin.

Here's why:
2 Boston heads, a few wack ass insane clown lookin bitches, sprinkle in some southern white boy flavah, a cute chick from UK the worlds biggest poser ever (king of the burbz, ghetto revival son) and a a HUGE BITCH from the city, it's really magical. See for yourself.

I'm kinda feelin' this Persia chick - she's the realest fucking one out of all of em! but yo, you've really gotta see the whole episode to understand with a fucking joke this dude is, SERIOUSLY. Check it out, you'll thank me later.

Until next time America...

btw: 2007 is offically the year of the sensitive thug. Tall tees are fucking OUT,

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