Tuesday, December 05, 2006

B-PROPER: You want stickers!

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¿Como Estan Beetches?, CreepStreet news team is hurrr!!

Lil' Beezy here letting you know what's up on the flip side of things. Been a while shit's been nuts on this side of town - If you're a ill designer, have a lean with apparel and can graphic up some serious shit, I need a coworker quick, cause although this means I get a dope bonus, it also means I'm hauling ass till 8pm. Besides who won't wanna work next to me and feel the wrath of 1000 pennies being obstructed across your keyboard on a daily basis?! That's like 10 bucks son?! The company is Puma, the position is Apparel Graphics Designer, the pay is nice, and even if you hate Boston, you will fall in love with me. It's the iheartboris™ way babygirrl you know this!

Class is in session and phase I is complete. Be jealous. But get anxious cause I am crackin' it to get this website up ya'll. Can I get a soul clap mah brothas and sistas?!

It was written though...Creep Street Spider $tompin' is back in action!

Btw, this new blogger kicks ass!
HooOO!! My man Google is taking over like crack in the 80's!!!

Just remember, peace and creepiness foreva.

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