Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chip-Set: Sesame Streets is watchin'

What up all you scumbags low-lifes and outcasts out there in blogger land. C'est moi, and I'm back with another bangin post for you to get epic to. Today's post is brought to you by the letter F, as if FUCK YOU, PAY ME, and the number 20392032480128392, cause it's long as shit.

some of you may have been wondering (doubtful, but hey) where I've been, and why i've been lagging on the Creep Street posts.. To be honest, I was enjoying myself in a little place called:

But I'm back with the dance track, so here's the track jack that's gonna make ya hands clap

It's not all fun and games tho.. sometimes you've gotta be a bit serious.. that's when I bump up this club banger

When B-Ron the Don was little he HATED apples, so his mom whipped him with a stick. He turned out alright... right?

Let's be honest. We all turned out A-okay and I think a lot has to do with our childhood development, and having positive role models to look up to. Sesame Street paved that foundation for many of us, so I feel it's only fair to pass the floor over to them to get their thoughts on this.

man, so wonder we turned out so smart!

Not to change the subject here, but how fucking amazing is this whole K-Fed Britney Break up, shit's bubblin like cooked crack, and I can't get enuFF!!!

what a classy dude! note to self: being more like this will get me chicks and money, HOT chicks and BUTTLOADS of money.

starting now I've created a book of the month club. Don't sleep - this ones on some "knock niggaz out the box" type shit

crack for your eyes, with a message that really hits home.

alright, so this starts off strong, kinda fizzles in the middle BUT the last 20 seconds or so are GOLDEN. It's def gonna be pretty hard to top an ending like this one.
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