Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chip-Set & BORON (editor haha): Transitions a bummer, but at least I didn't get stabbed in the heart by a fucking STINGRAY (damnn)

First off let me say RIP to Steve Erwin.

This dude could be on my team anyday!
What's more hood than runnin' up on some wyld animalz and then getting stabbed
in the heart by a stingray, yowza. You can't really fuck with Aussies...

I had mad respect for Steve Erwin..
Where else on basic cable are you gonna see a dude in khaki shorts get so rad?
He was truly one of a kind.


Now I don't know if you know much about Grizzly Man, but this dude
was a total penis wrinkle. Not even in the same league as The Crocodile Hunter.

Grizzly Man was basically this neo-hippie douche with no professional
handling skills decided to set out and make a documentary on Grizzly Bears,
and how they are peacful gentle creatures, not dangerous and aggressive as depicted by most. So this dude is all like..

Well see for yourself:

While filming this documentary, Grizzly Man (Timothy Treadwell) and his girlfriend were both mauled to death by a fucking grizzly bear, such is life I guess..

Here’s the Grizzly Man Trailer!

aYo, on the real.. Don't trust a koala bear, EVER. I'm serious..
It just may save your life someday..

Sure they seem all cute and cuddly, but those fuckers are not to be trusted!
I always had a hunch that they were really vicious assholes, and I was right!

If Fox News did a report on it, it's gotta be true.

You can't fool me Koala Scum!

okay.. enough about the wonder down under, back to reality.

This dude's my new Governor, how epic is that!?

I'm also getting a car when I get out there, peep the realness.

Jealous much??? See, that's what you get when you fuck with the champ!

Why don't I know any dudes like this yet?? Maybe once I get out west
I'll bro down with some..

So that Yo Mtv Raps sneaker while at Puma made it into the news... in GERMANY!

Those silly germans with their sausages and wheat beer and mass genocide

Hey Hitler's Grandson.. you guys didn't even have Yo Mtv Raps on television.
Stop sharkin' our shit... swagger jackers.

Okay.. so I was reliving some fond memories of my childhood today..
Remember that movie The Wizard starring Fred Savage? Y
ou know... it was about video games and they had the Power Glove in it?

Yes? No? anyway.. after YEARS of waiting, it's finally released on DVD!

you KNOW I copped that shit the day it came out.. I was campin'
outside Wal-Mart and shit.

I also dug up this dope-ass video from Another Bad Creation (A.B.C.) remember them?

I do. I had the cassette tape of this shit.. Here's what really got me pumped
on the video, besides being the most offical shit I've seen all month.
They're all reppin' madddd Syracuse gear!!! Holdin' my hood down like what!

That's all I've got for now.. ONE

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