Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chip-Set: Fixed Video.

okay okay, so i've been getting slack for uploading a video that was bogus & not working (even tho I saw it totally fine on my computer, but whatever)

without further adue, a substandard video of epic proportions:

So started my day out by going for an 8:30am skate session. YES, am.. fucking crazy? maybe. stiff joints? yes. Still damp from morning dew? mmhmm.. with that being said, please take with a grain of salt & a sense of humor. This is my first attempt at filming anything in a long while, & we recorded it on my rad new cell phone.. not bad...I WILL backside 5-0 that smaller hubba ledge next time, hopefully at some point after lunch. I also landed a handful of cool tech stuff on the ledges.. but didn't film that.. I'll get something tight next time

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